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Connecting Cultures, Kandersteg, Switzerland

(November 23 - November 29, 2015)

A training course to develop intercultural actions involving young people. A non-formal, creative and interactive approach to community education to explore and develop new community-based intercultural activities. Participating countries: Switzerland (hosts), Ireland, Romania, Portugal, Kosovo, Spain, Israel, Italy, Palestine, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Great Britain


Building Walls - Breaking Walls,  West Cork, Ireland
(September 6th -
  September 13, 2015)

International youth exchange between Switzerland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine: joint construction of dry stone walls on the island of Cape Clear in the Irish Sea.


Building Walls - Breaking Walls, Jura, Obergrenchenberg, Switzerland

(July 26 - August 3, 2015)

International youth exchange between Switzerland, Ireland, Israel and Palestine. Dry wall construction and intercultural encounters in the Jura.


Cross Cultural Creativity Cooperation, West Cork, Ireland

(27 - 30 June 2015)

Exploring new creative methods for intercultural youth work "Assessment and Conclusion": Fifth meeting of Grundtvig Learning Partnership between Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and Latvia. This learning partnership was funded by the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme.

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Phase 1 OUR School Training Course, Boltigen, Switzerland
(June 12 - June 18, 2015)

Training course to increase the quality of educational projects in youth work at local, national and international level. This training course is a Phase I course - it is designed for new and experienced educators, trainers, leaders and facilitators who want to improve their facilitation and communication skills. Participants will improve their competences by learning micro and macro skills for human interaction and will be empowered to take meaningful action in this area. With youth workers from Switzerland, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Georgia, UK, Germany , Spain, Serbia, Lithuania and France.


The Topsy Turvy Experience , Oey-Diemtigen, Switzerland

(June 6 - June 12, 2015)


A quest for learning in a chaotic, upside-down world. International training course on self-directed learning in youth work. For participants from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Ireland, Germany, France, Finland, Israel, Palestine.


Cross Cultural Creativity Cooperation , Berlin, Germany

(April 13 - April 18, 2015)


Exploring new creative methods for intercultural youth work "Me and other communities": Fourth Grundtvig Learning Partnership meeting between Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and Latvia.

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NGO resources - financial, human, personal , Schwanden-Sigriswil, Switzerland

(March 19 - March 25, 2015)


A training course for youth NGO managers and trainers to work on their resource system and develop new strategies for their organisations.


Survive the Ice Age , Gantrisch, Switzerland

(February 22 - March 1, 2015)


Intercultural youth exchange in the wintry mountains. In cooperation with the youth work of Regio Kerzers and the Catholic parish of Murten / Switzerland. Exchange between young people from Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Israel and the Netherlands.

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