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Making a Scene for Change - training course,  Schwanden-Sigriswil, Switzerland
(October 31 - November 5, 2016)

A training course exploring social inclusion through Theater of the Oppressed & Forum Theater and planning viable local and international projects that support young people's participation! The participants should learn more about the issues and challenges of marginalized young people and help them to address this marginalization through dramaturgical methods and through the specific methodology of "Theatre of the Oppressed". We believe this methodology can address the nature of non-formal experiential learning and works great with people of all abilities and educational levels. This ties in with the policy papers of the European Youth Forums, which recognize that non-formal learning contributes to young people's personal and social development. In its study on the impact of non-formal education on young people's employability, the European Youth Forum has tangible evidence of the value and role of youth organizations as providers of quality education and their contribution to the development of relevant skills of young people.30 Youth workers from Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Ireland, Jordan, Kosovo, Palestine, Portugal, Poland, Serbia and Switzerland took part.


Building Walls - Breaking Walls,  Grenchenberg, Jura, Switzerland
(21 Aug - 29 Aug 2016)

International youth exchange with Switzerland, Ireland, Israel and Palestine.
Dry wall construction, Swiss mountain culture, intercultural exchange and learning.


Building Walls - Breaking Walls, Cape Clear Island, West Cork, Ireland
(July 17 - July 25, 2016)

International youth exchange with Switzerland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine.
Building with dry stone walls, culture in the Irish Sea, intercultural learning and encounters.


Get Started - Training course on organizing youth exchanges, Meiringen, Switzerland

(June 13 - June 20, 2016)

In cooperation with international young friends of nature. Would you like to find out more about international youth encounters? Are you interested in how to make them a success and use them to develop your own group? Do you want to find potential partners for your project?


Building Walls - Breaking Walls,  Kibbutz Lotan, Israel
(May 1 - May 8, 2016)

Under the project name "Building Sustainable Communities" a group of young Swiss, young Israelis and young Irish met for 8 days in the Arava desert near the Red Sea. They made their own mud bricks from the sand, water and soil of the desert and used them to build an ecological kitchen. They researched the ecological lifestyle and culture in Kibbutz Lotan and in the Arava desert. They gained a deeper understanding of the culture and daily life of young people from Israel, Switzerland and Ireland. The association Naturkultur invited the youth work of the parish of Murten / Switzerland to this youth exchange.


3 Cultures in the Snow,  Region of Gantrisch, Switzerland

(February 22 - February 28, 2016)


A week in the snow - international youth exchange with young people from Israel, Northern Ireland and Switzerland. The youngsters got together and explored each other's cultures through activities in the snow. They built igloos together (and slept in them), went on snowshoe hikes and introduced each other to the culture and life of their country. The concept of the youth exchange is to bring together young people (13-15 years old) from Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Israel for a first intercultural experience in nature. The youth exchange was a cooperation with the Catholic community in Murten and the community youth work in Murten (Switzerland).

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