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Together for the mountain, Weissenstein SO, Switzerland ( September 28 to October 23, 2020)

In October 2020, our new project «Together for 

the mountain» its gates. People from the Solothurn region, as well as Porat from Israel and Juman from Palestine made their way to the Weissenstein, where the Naturkultur association spent four weeks renovating the dry stone walls behind the alpine dairy. Despite Corona, the project was able to welcome 29 volunteers and, in addition to learning the old traditional craft, everyone involved was able to make great new encounters 

experience and lead exciting discussions.

Building Walls - Breaking Walls, Grenchenberg SO, Switzerland (September 06 - September 13, 2020)

In 2020, the Naturkultur association spared no effort and set out to climb the Grenchenberg in Solothurn despite the pandemic. Due to the current situation, it was unfortunately not possible to carry out the project with all five nations, so we were all the more pleased that four young adults from French and German-speaking Switzerland dared to go to Grenchen and do a 30-meter run together with trained specialists for three days have built a long dry stone wall. In addition to the manual part, exciting discussions and mutual exchange were also in the foreground. 

Building Walls - Breaking Walls, Grischun GR, Switzerland (23 August - 30 August 2020)

Also this year we had the honor to renovate 25 meters of dry stone wall above Tschierv together with a team of professional dry masons. Due to the current situation of the corona virus, it was unfortunately not possible to carry out the "Building Walls - Breaking Walls Grischun" project together with young adults from Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine. We were all the more pleased that the Biosfera Nature Park and the other partners of the project still welcomed and supported our office and the bricklayers, and together we spent an unforgettable week in Val Müstair.

Ocean - mountains - desert,  Region Gantrisch BE, Switzerland  (January 26 - February 2, 2020)

A week in the snow - international youth exchange with young people from Israel, Ireland and Switzerland. The youngsters got together for a week and explored each other's cultures through activities in the snow. They built igloos (and were given the opportunity to sleep in them), went on snowshoes and introduced the others to their country's culture and life. The concept of the youth exchange is to bring together young people (15-17 years) from Israel, Ireland and Switzerland for a first intercultural experience in nature.

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