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Project 1:
Mission week for volunteers Val Müstair / Engadin
June 17 - 21, 2024

Project 2:
Dry stone wall assignments for volunteers on the Untergrenchenberg
September 02 - 27, 2024

Project 3: 

Volunteer project in St. Maurice, information to follow

Project description:

Our volunteer projects offer the unique opportunity to actively participate in the renovation of traditional cultural assets. In regions such as the idyllic Val Müstair/Engadin, the picturesque Untergrenchenberg and soon also in St. Maurice, participants can learn and preserve the ancient craft of dry stone wall building.

What can you expect?

Experience traditional craftsmanship under the guidance of experienced specialists in the restoration of historic dry stone walls. Contribute to the preservation of the cultural landscape and its historic buildings. Working together in nature creates new encounters and cooperation.

Aims of the project

Committed people of all ages are invited to support the preservation and maintenance of cultural assets in Val Müstair and on the Untergrenchenberg. The focus is on the importance of traditional craftsmanship and strengthening the sense of community by working together in nature.

Join in and help to preserve the beauty and history of our cultural landscapes!

Previous successes

A similar project was successfully implemented on the Weissenstein mountain a few years ago. Here are some

Radiobeitrag Trockenmauern Regionaljourn
00:00 / 02:40

"I experienced our hours together in the present as a huge pleasure! [...]  For once, my own problems faded into the background. We learned how much positive energy can be released by doing things together! This exhilarating experience is firmly anchored in my memory! "

Lilo, from Oberdorf


"When I registered to take part, I would never have dreamed in my life that the joy, satisfaction and satisfaction would be so great. Everything was just right."

Diana, out  Beaverst


"You didn't need motivation to come back the next day, it literally drew you up the mountain to this great project, with these great people."

Katrin, from Solothurn

Together for the mountain

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